April 14, 2013 · Thai Visa

How to Avoid an In-Flight Entertainment Incident on UnitedPerrin Post on Conde Nast
Wendy asked me that flights on United had inflight entertainment, so we gave her a best approach to figure it out (though it’s not totally fool-proof).

United Airlines says 2012 Airline Quality Rating doesn’t tell a whole storyCleveland Plain-Dealer
My common comments on a Airline Quality consult and how it’s not accurately my favorite.

In a Trenches: Looking for New OpportunitiesIntuit Small Business Blog
With one change in a books, it’s time to demeanour for some-more opportunities to grow a business.

Cranky Flier – Best of a Best Blogger SeriesCredit Card Assist
I did a brief talk about a handful of topics including my background, because we consider people hatred atmosphere travel, and either we use mileage credit cards.

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